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Helping in crisis
[Letchworth Foodbank]

Letchworth Foodbank

St Paul's Church Office,
179 Pixmore Way,
Letchworth Garden City
SG6 1QT Phone: 07825 300437,
email: info@letchworth.foodbank.org.uk
Web: https://letchworth.foodbank.org.uk/

29 March 2020
Dear All,

Foodbank and Coronavirus (CO VID- 19)

In these unprecedented times, it is always the poor, weak and vulnerable who suffer the most. We, as the Letchworth, Hitchin and Baldock Foodbank, have seen the demand for food increase dramatically and in the last seven days have supplied parcels for over 200 people. This volume of requests will certainly increase over the next days and weeks. The situation is set against church and community groups having to close their doors. This means that a very generous source of food for the foodbank is currently no longer available. We have also seen a dramatic fall off of public donations at supermarkets. The result of this is that our warehouse now only has less than a week's supply of a number of key commodities.

As you will appreciate, this situation, unfortunately, will not improve for sometime to come, There is, however, an alternative way of supporting us and that is by monetary donations. This can be done via our website: www.letchworth.foodbank.org.uk. Once you have entered the site, click on "Donate Money". You then have two alternatives: give a one-off payment or set up a regular donation.

Your monetary gift will go towards the purchase of vouchers that will be issued to our needy clients to spend in designated local supermarkets for the purchase of food and provisions.

We hope that this is something you as a community would consider.
Your help and generosity is very much appreciated in these difficult times.

Yours faithfully
Paddy Byrne

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