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In the middle of winter, on those days when the daylight never quite seems to reach its full potential, and the sun comes through, oh so briefly, still very low in the sky, it's easy to start looking inwards and lose one's perspective along the way. The TV broadcasters try

their utmost to tempt us with their "exciting" and "brand new" winter schedules of must-watch TV. Michael Portillo has been wending his way through the spectacular winter scenery in Alaska and the Canadian Rockies by train, wearing even brighter colours than he wore in the last series, as if that were even possible. Within minutes after the start of the first programme, I had decided that I really MUST go there to see it for myself!

Here are some Stondon diary dates for February 2019:

Sunday 3 February, Communion at 10.30am, led by Mike Campbell.

Tuesday, 5 February, Little Treasures in the Hall, 9.00am to 11.15am.

Thursday, 7 February, Take a Break Coffee Morning in the Hall, 10.00am to 12.00 noon. Everyone is welcome, young and not so young, whether you are a regular or new to the village.

Sunday, 10 February, service at 10.30am, led by Mike Campbell.

Tuesday, 12 February, Little Treasures on half term, back next week.

Sunday, 17 February, service at 10.30am, led by Mike Campbell.

Tuesday 19 February, Little Treasures in the Hall, 9.00am to 11.15am.

Sunday 25 February, Family Worship in the Hall at 10.30am, led by Stephen Copson.

We aim to meet for prayer and fellowship on Tuesdays evenings from 8.00pm, venue as announced each Sunday in church.

In the middle of a long winter night, sometimes we can lose our perspective and start to dwell on things. Things which assume huge importance in one's thinking at three o'clock in the morning will often look totally different the next day, when seen in a new light. Even in the winter, the light is always changing, hour by hour, even minute by minute.

One day last week, at around 3.15 in the afternoon, as I walked up to our local shop, I was struck by the sight of half a dozen sparrows, silhouetted against a willow branch, within touching distance. The fading sunlight brought out the rich, nutty colours of the branch and the soft definition of the sparrows' plumage. It was a perfect photo opportunity, which I'm very sorry to have missed, as the light had changed within a few moments. The experience lifted my spirits on a cold winter afternoon, and it continues to do so now, as I think back to that unique moment in time. How much more positive everything seems when seen in a different light.

"I will lift my eyes to the quiet hills, from whence cometh my help."

May the Lord bless each one of us, by day and by night.

Jean Gough

Winter scene

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