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Tilehouse Street Baptist Church, Hitchin


Dull, but necessary - we can't do anything these days without creating documents to say how we're going to do it, why we're doing it and so on. So here are some of the documents necessary to the running of our Church.

Health and Safety

The Health and Safety Policy describes what we will do to create a safe evironment for our members, our trustees, our staff and the users of our premises. It appoints a Health and Safety Officer charged with making it happen. It outlines the duties of others to act safely, including those who hire our premises.

Data Protection

The Data Protection Policy describes what data we will collect about people such as our members and our visitors, how we will take care of it to keep it private, how long we will keep it, as well as explaining why we collect it.

Risk assessments

The Church has adopted a Risk Assessment Methodology which is widely used in industry to produce risk assessments to a recognised standard.

A number of risk assessments are for internal use, but some essential ones are:

Protection of water system against Legionella Risk assessment and procedure for making the church water systems safe whilst the buildings are empty (eg in the Summer holidays).

Use of Church Buildings - living with Covid-19

Following the Governement relaxation of the regulations, there is an overall risk assessment and a Precautions documents listing the proposed mitigations. These documents are subject to review and revision.
Risk assessment referring to the Precautions Document
Precautions on use of the Church