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Outlook June/ July 2024

Pastoral Care Report

Val Chivers

Iím sitting in my garden writing this on a beautiful sunny day with birds singing, bees humming and lots of pretty flowers. It reminds me of the hymn by F. S. Pierpoint :-

For the beauty of the earth,
for the glory of the skies,
for the love which from our birth
over and around us lies;
Lord of all, to thee we raise
this our hymn of grateful praise.

As we approach June and July and the longest day, letís hope for some more sunny days and not much more rain, we seem to have had a lot recently.

I know that for some of our fellowship some days are quite cloudy with little sunshine, so we hold those folk before our Lord in prayer, that he will help and sustain them.

Sue Apthorpe is on the mend after having a half knee replacement and is doing well. We trust that she will soon be back with us and be able to get about without too much discomfort. Gill Mayes is much better and we hope that she will be able to be back with us soon. Itís great to see Ralph Westell back worshipping with us again and we hope that he will continue to improve.

Audrey Morris whoís in Foxholes is really unwell at the moment and we pray for her. We also think of Kath Mellot, also in Foxholes. It was lovely to have tea with her last week. Jane visited Mary Brown and enjoyed a sit out in the sun with her. She has a new bird feeder on the window so is hopefully able to enjoy watching the birds again.

Ian Stears-Handscomb has also been unwell, but hopefully by the time Outlook is out, he will be on the mend. We think of Martin as he cares for him. We remember Margaret and Rod Piggott and Harry and Aud Eastham in our prayers and also Dorothy Browne as she recovers from eye surgery on her other eye.

We continue to think of Les Bateman and his family as his wife, Doreen sadly passed away in May and pray that Godís love and peace will surround them all.

Nickie Woodbridgeís brother, David has had a stroke, but it is good to hear that he is slowly recovering some of the use of his right arm and hand. He has now been moved to the Luton and Dunstable stroke unit. Unfortunately though he is not well enough to travel to his sonís wedding in a few weeks time. We pray for the whole family, especially David and his wife Dianne and that through technology they may be able to watch the wedding as it occurs.

I would like to say a big thank you for all your prayers, cards and flowers which I received when I was poorly. I am much better now. The virus I had was not nice, but prayer is a wonderful thing and itís good to be part of such a caring fellowship.

We pray for Janet Ireson as she retires from being church administrator on 26th July, that she will have a very happy retirement. We thank her for all the hard work she has put in at THS and for the flower decorations she did for our special occasions.

We hope that any who have planned holidays, including Jane, will enjoy them and be able to relax. To any of you who have a birthday or anniversary in June or July, we wish you a happy day.

May the Lord bless you and keep you in his love.

Val Chivers, Pastoral Care Organiser.


Letters Letters

Dear friends,
I am planning to host a light lunch on Saturday 6th July at 13.00 to celebrate my 60th birthday (yes hard to believe - well for me anyway).

All my THS family are invited and I wanted to get it in your diaries now. The Boss, aka my wife Debs, will be collecting numbers closer to the time. I hope you can join Debs and I for a sarnie and slice of birthday cake.

God Bless
John & Debs

John Maguire 60th

Dear Friends,

A note to say thank you for your prayers, phone calls, cards and best wishes to "celebrate" my new knee. I am doing my exercises and will be about soon. Again thanks

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