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Outlook May/June 2021

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Through all the changing scenes of life is the hymn that comes to mind as I put pen to paper. Yesterday we had snow showers and today there is sunshine and beautiful spring blossoms as well as the bird song and longer days, something to praise and thank God for.

As the virus cases drop, most of us have had one vaccination, some two. And like Marionís tortoise coming out of hibernation, so we ease lockdown. We can meet up with families and friends and go to more shops. We continue to pray for each other, particularly those who are venturing out for the first time.

A very special lady, Dorothy Chamberlain, celebrates her 100th birthday on 21st May and we wish her a very Happy Birthday and congratulate her on achieving this milestone.

We remember those in our fellowship who need our prayers at this time:

May the God of love and peace surround us all in sickness and in health in His everlasting arms.

Let us remember:

A big thank you to Sue who continues to do the Flower Ministry, cheering so many people up and thanks to for our loyal Zoom team who are continuing to keep us linked with the church services and other meetings.

We pray for:

We continue to pray for the church at THS and our minister Jane, who together with the diaconate as they continue to plan for the churchís future.

Val Chivers, Pastoral Care Organiser.

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