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Outlook Mar/Apr 2021

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Spring flowers

As I write this, there is beautiful sunshine. Letís hope the cold and frosts are now behind us. March should bring us warmer days and spring flowers as we head toward Easter. By now, everyone over 70 will have been offered at least the first of the two vaccines and this certainly feels like one step nearer to new beginnings, especially as March 23rd marks the anniversary of the first lockdown. Talking of anniversaries, 1st April marks five years since Jane became our minister. A big thank you must go to her for all her hard work. We continue to pray for her, especially in this difficult time, as she and the deacons continue to plan a way forward.

We also thank two members of the church for their service. Eileen Smith had looked after the pulpit supply and arranged for our organists for about 15 years and Janette Westell, who joined the flower team when Evelyn Brown was in charge and Lewis Waugh was our minister, worked in the team for about 40 years. We are very grateful for their long and conscientious service. [See picture below - Ed]

We pray for:

We remember too:

We thank God for:

and pray that they may be able to continue to support people as the demands for their services rise. We give thanks for our church and pray for its future as we reflect on our Saviourís death on the cross and his rising again three days later.
He is risen Ė Hallelujah!

Val Chivers, Pastoral Care Organiser.


Letters Letters

Sheila wrote:
"We had an enjoyable, if cold, conversation with Janette and Ralph Westell this morning as we took round the flowers from Church for Janette on the occasion of her retiring from the flower rota."


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