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Outlook February 2019


Letters Letters

Dear Gill,
I would like to say a huge 'thank-you' to Jane, yourself and the many friends at Tilehouse St. Church for their friendship and support during my struggle with shingles.

I had visits, cards, phone-calls, personal and church flowers, and gifts, and I really appreciated every one. Thank you also for the many Christmas cards which someone kindly put through my letter box.

I am looking forward to being back at Church soon and seeing everyone again. With love, and best wishes for a happy, healthy New Year to all!
Jean Ireland.

Dear friends at Tilehouse St.Church

Thank-you so much for my Christmas card and good wishes and also for the lovely biscuits -always such an acceptable gift.

Sorry for such awful writing ... am waiting for new glasses after cataract operation, and am seeing double in places!

I look forward seeing you in the New Year.

Best wishes and a Happy New Year to you all.
Jean Shadbolt.

Thank-you so much for contributions, letters and beautiful Christmas cards sent to us from Outlook readers. It is so good to remember and to pray for friends (many now living far away) through Outlook.

All cheques and money from Outlook readers have made Andy Turner (our Treasurer) very happy!

Thank-you once again,
From Marion and Gill.