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Outlook April/ May 2024

Black Squirrel

Your Community Bank needs your Savings

Several of our Tilehouse Street and Stondon family are members of and save with the Black Squirrel Credit Union. A huge thank you to you!! You have played your part in our success. If you are not members yet, can you join us?

Can you save (say) £1,000 or £25 a week?

Your savings are safe and all or part of them can be withdrawn at any time, but in the meantime they will help those members who need a loan (including you!). Loans are given at the lowest possible rate of interest and our staff only agree loans to members who have the capacity to repay them.

Your savings are needed at this time especially. The Cost-of-Living Crisis has led to the demand for loans outstripping our Savings. (We have around 1,100 members now, £1m out on loan and just less than that in savings.)

To become a member, go to our website and follow the instructions to join. You will then be sent a membership number. Then, quoting that number make a payment or set up a Standing Order.

Black Squirrel website

Black Squirrel Website:

Would you be an Ambassador for us?

Our dedicated team of staff and volunteers do a fantastic job managing the Credit Union, keeping in touch with all our members and for those taking out a loan making sure it is the right one for them, and giving continued support to deal with eventualities like changed circumstances.

Our priority is now to find new members. By far the most successful way to do that is by “word of mouth”. Would you to be willing to be an ambassador for us, to help us find new members? You can pick up leaflets from us (or we will email you a copy to print) and we are there to support you.

For more information contact Martin (Stears-Handscomb) on 07786 104342 or the Credit Union Office – 5 Gernon Walk, Letchworth 01462

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