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Letters Letters

Dear Jane,
Many thanks for the kind invite to your Easter event. It has been great to have been able to bring both my son and daughter along over the years to Tilehouse Street.

Aimee will be thirteen in a few months, and son William missed your last Christmas event as he was double booked on the day. He is going to be twelve this year, and it was great we were able to stretch him over the age ten limit during last year.

It's always a bit sad when your children grow out of that special age, and I think that time is here. They both attended pre-school at Tilehouse Street, and I have lost count of all the Cracker events they enjoyed over the years. So many thanks to you and John and Gill Matthews for the lovely times they have had.

With kind regards,
Julian Ashton.

Dear friends,
Very many thanks for the lovely Spring flowers delivered on the warmest day of February that we have had in memory.

It is seventeen Springs since Margaret passed away and every one has been helped by the comfort provided by the flowers of her Tilehouse Street friends.

With sincere gratitude and love,
Brian Reeve.

May we thank all Church friends who gave help when, after the conclusion of the Anniversary Service Janette suffered a fall in Church, hitting her head on something resulting in considerable bleeding from the wound.

An extended visit to the Lister became a substitute for the lunch and in addition our own guest visitors were by default abandoned at Church. Again our thanks are due to those who looked after them on our behalf.

Lastly, the flowers subsequently delivered by Ian were much appreciated.
Janette and Ralph.

To everyone at Tilehouse Street.
Just to say a sincere thank-you for your very kind invitation to share a very special day with you and to join you for lunch afterwards.

It was heart warming to see the church so full with old and new faces and the hymns brought back so many memories of my childhood and the years I spent as a Sunday School teacher. The first hymn was our school hymn, which opened and closed every term.

The Catering Committee once again worked their magic and everyone enjoyed themselves. It was lovely to be able to relax and catch up with old friends and to learn what they had been doing since I left Hitchin, although Eileen and Marion keep me up to date.

Dagnell Street gave me a warm welcome when I went and now I help out regularly in the Cross Street Cafe, which is open 6 days a week so, if you are ever in St. Albans and fancy a hot drink and something to eat in warm and welcoming surroundings you would be made very welcome. Time is of no object and some folk will have coffee, then lunch and afternoon tea, before returning homes.

Here's to the next 350 years; I am sure that they will be just as welcoming and fulfilling as these have been. May God's love be with you today and always,
Jane Swain.

To Tilehouse Street Church.
Congratulations on your Anniversary! With love and God's blessing
from all your friends at Stondon Baptist Church.

Greetings Tilehouse Street on your 350th Anniversary and thank you for your invitation to join you in your celebrations. It was good to meet friends old and new and to catch up with several whom we hadn't seen for ages, as well as enjoying the most delicious lunch. Our warm wishes and prayers for your next 350 years!
Marjorie McCarley

Easter bunny