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Outlook May/June 2021

What's in a name?

A baby is born
He/she is given a name
The child grows
The first day at Nursery –
The first day at School –
Cross against the sky What is your name?
Joining a football / hockey team –
What is your name?
Being welcomed at Church – being baptised –
Welcomed by name
Jesus called Mary by name
When on the day of resurrection
She didn’t recognize Him
We ask a person’s name when we first meet them.
Jesus knows the name of each one of us
And addresses us by that name.
And how well He knows us –
The real person behind the mask
And not a Covid mask.
We don’t have to be socially distanced from Him
His hug is not banned by Covid restrictions
But ready to receive us at any time
His touch remains for ever available –
From the cradle to the grave and beyond
Jesus calls to us and welcomes us by name

Mary Taylor

Living His Story
Written by Hannah Steele

Book Review by Daniel Edwards

Book cover

Dear Friends,

During our time of reflection with the Revd. Jeanie Kendall and with our Revd. Jane Robson on a Sunday I have also read a Lent book commended by the Archbishop of Canterbury, Justin Welby for 2021.

In this book for Lent Justin Welby writes, “to write a Lent book about evangelism might seem odd during this pandemic year. However, when we have all been confined to our homes, unable to meet and mingle we have seen people come to Christ in new ways, through new mediums and messages.”

Entitled “Living His Story” and written by the Revd. Dr Hannah Steele (her first devotional), the book is set out in six sessions for the individual or for small groups, taking you through Lent to prepare you for Easter.

Hannah Steele writes, ”There are many reasons why evangelism is particularly challenging in a post – modern 21st Century Great Britain.”

In the book Hannah writes that just as God chose ordinary people, living ordinary lives in ordinary jobs with personal stories of redemption and sometimes imperfect words, we too can be ordinary people sharing the good news in a beautiful and imaginative way, connecting with those around us, helping people to see its relevance and significance to them.

There is no guarantee that our own story and talking of the difference Jesus makes here and now will speak to people’s hearts and minds. Some may accept, others will reject or they may be on a longer road. But as we see in the parables, God sows generously, with the Holy Spirit as her guide.

Hannah Steele has uncovered liberating and practical ways of sharing the gospel afresh.

Note from editor

I am happy to include book reviews from others who have a read a helpful Christian book in future issues.


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